Testimonials from our patients and contributors.

Tom, Please accept this correspondence as my profound appreciation for your assistance in allowing me into your foundation to gain the assistance of Dr. Ash Tawari and his formidable staff. Originally diagnosed with an clinically significant probability of high risk prostate cancer, I spoke with my son Ryan, who immediately said” Hold on, I’ll call you back.” Ryan explained your circumstances and your Foundation and immediately, I knew, I was in the best hands. That, clearly is an understatement. The Milana Family Foundation provided myself and my family with the most highly skilled Physician, I have met. As a Police Chief and 40 year Policing veteran I have been injured/wounded multiple times. My knowledge of the medical system, hence, is not a new one. This is different. This was organic and potentially life changing and with your assistance in gaining access to Dr. Tewari, I knew I was in at the very least , good hands. That, clearly was an understatement. The Milana Foundation provided me with the most highly skilled, kindest Physician, I have met, Dr. Ash Tewari. Thank you on behalf of myself and my family. I had a negative biopsy for prostate cancer this week and now look forward to my future. I am most appreciative of your assistance in promulgating this treatment. It is imperative that I more than acknowledge Ms. Nicole Eisbrough PA, as her kindness, compassion, professionalism and demeanor were so extraordinary. As I have explained my medical experiences this is a first for me. Ms. Eisbrough is a great health care professional. She communicated with me continually and was kind and forthright,knowledgable, considerate and compassionate. Sanaa sets the highest bar I have ever witnessed and is a caring individual, extremely efficient on scheduling and patient and made many calls from her time during non working hours. A truly dedicated to the cause individual. I hope you are proud of what you have accomplished. Ryan Nivakoff has true friend.! YOU saved me and thank you. Please consider me a staunch supporter in the future. I will be back for further evaluation and treatment knowing that there is no rival, no finer Physician than Dr. Ash Tewari. Respectfully and regards, Bob Nivakoff
Bob Nivakoff
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2021 and had my prostate removed in February 2022. Since being diagnosed I was introduced to the Man Cave virtual support group and have been an active participant ever since. The group has been extremely helpful for me - not just for the expert speakers on various subjects which now are part of my everyday life (continence, ED, PSA test results, radiation and hormone therapy etc.) but also for the open and frank discussions that occur among those of us on the call that are facing these issues. I have come away from every one of the support group sessions feeling better informed and encouraged by the stories and information shared by the participants. I am grateful for the insights given in these meetings and plan to continue to benefit from these group discussions. The gentlemen in the group are amazing and as we have discussed on the call as men/husbands/fathers it is crucial for us to face our fears and challenges head on and position ourselves to provide the best possible example for those that love and depend on us. .
Name Withheld
I’ve been a attending the monthly ManCave meetings from the group’s inception. It has proven to be remarkable source of information, as well as an unexpected open-armed camaraderie. It’s wonderful to share communal experiences and get sage advice from one other that have gone through, or are going through, similar cancer journeys. Absolutely invaluable organization and highly recommended to any man challenged with prostate issues!! Signed,
WB (name withheld)
I have been attending Man Cave Zoom events for about a year and have found it to be extremely informative. All of the participants are very open and thoughtful. It is a great support group for those of us with Prostate Cancer. There are also periodic guest speakers. I highly recommend Man Cave Health to anyone who has prostate cancer.