Surviving Prostate Cancer

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There are many factors that contribute to surviving prostate cancer. No one can tell exactly how long someone will live. However, as we have shown in previous entries, prostate cancer survival rates in most men are very high, around 98% actually.

Although there are many variables when dealing with any kind of cancer, prostate cancer survival rates are good. This is especially the case with early diagnosis. So make sure you talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms that might point to prostate issues.

Survival at all stages

Evaluating staging is of great importance when planning for prostate cancer treatment. Below we outline the most important processes involved in staging evaluation:

  • At its most basic, staging evaluation includes blood tests, prostate biopsies, ultrasound images of the prostate and a patient examination.
  • Cancer teams may also go on to further examinations, tests and calculations to arrive at the best prognosis estimation possible. This then helps the doctor and patient come to a decision concerning their options for treatment.

To clarify, prognosis by definition describes how likely it is for treatment to cure the given patient’s cancer. Additionally, a prognosis also helps calculate a patient’s life expectancy given the consequences of a prostate cancer diagnosis.

The aforementioned life expectancy, of course, refers to a situation in which doctors were unable to cure the cancer. Should there be success in curing the patient’s prostate cancer, it would no longer be relevant.

In situations, however, in which curing the cancer failed, for instance, were the cancer recurring or if it moved to different locations in the body as metastases, survival rates given statistics of other patients in similar situations would result in an estimated survival possibility or life expectancy. This could also be the case if, for example, cancer also recurs locally or moves to an area untreatable due to its location being too dangerous for the patient.

For a cancer treatment team to come to a calculation of this complexity they use nomograms. These are computer-based tools that perform complicated mathematical equations that analyze a large number of patients’ results. Nomograms can help come to a variety of conclusions. Including helping estimate the likelihood of surviving prostate cancer, free from recurrence post-treatment.

Coping with prostate cancer

Cancer diagnosis can cause tremendous anxiety to an individual, their family and friends alike. It can be very difficult to cope with a cancer diagnosis, the disease itself or the treatment. Speak to your physician or local hospital about local resources if you are concerned.

We also have plenty of information and access to support right here.

Check our resources section for further information. Where you can also find inspiration from success and survival stories, or we can help you connect with a prostate cancer survivor.

If you have any questions, or just want to talk, call us at our toll-free hotline: 1(833)HEAL-MEN. You are not alone in this journey. We are here to help guide and support you through it, every step of the way.