Sexual Health, Pleasure, and Intimacy Throughout the Prostate Cancer Journey


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“I got the diagnosis and the world stopped. I didn’t want to talk about it(sex)- I was too afraid.
But later, I really wish I had.”

“I got the diagnosis and the world stopped. I didn’t want to talk about it(sex)- I was too afraid. But later, I really wish I had.” 

It is not uncommon upon diagnosis of Prostate Cancer for sexual function and intimacy impacts to not be on the forefront of the mind. Talking candidly about sex is often difficult for men (both patients and providers) and becoming your own sexual health advocate is not something many were raised with the tools to do. Whether you are in active surveillance, undergoing ADT, experiencing Radiation, or are post Surgery, you may be noticing changes in your sexuality (mental, physical and emotional). Questions about the sexual healing process beyond pills, pumps, and implants are rarely discussed candidly, clearly, and with both honesty and levity for both individuals and their partners.

  1. “Penile Rehabilitation” can take up to 2 years after treatment and may need to become a newly conscious part of your daily/weekly routine for much longer. What are some alternative and/or supportive ways to approach this and what ideas and options are there for maximizing positive outcomes?
    • How to reframe recovery as a healing journey
    • Understand how shock and trauma and stress impacts libido and sexual functioning
    • How to use the neurobiology of intimacy and pleasure to expedite healing
    • How to transform frustration into exploration
    • The role of masturbation as an essential piece of your movement and exercise program
    • Orgasms and ejaculations are not the same thing. How to separate the two mentally so they are not co-dependent physically.
    • How to help the mind get past the stumbling block of “i never had to think about this before”
  2. How to talk about sexual pleasure and priorities with medical providers, caregivers
    • Moving from vulnerability to empowered- Prostate cancer asks us to shatter cultural norms and expectations about male sexuality
    • How to assess yourself beyond “I’m not like I used to be.”
    • Establishing a baseline for performance and pleasure
    • Finding comfortable and accurate language
  3. Partnered and solo sex and intimacy-Transforming “it may never be what it once was” as an invitation to broaden what sex and intimacy means to you.
    • During Active Surveillance-preventative measures if you already have erectile issues (or want to avoid them)
    • During treatment- side effects and their impact on the sexual mind and body
    • After treatment when the new reality sets in
    • Conquering dating fears and apprehensions- (body image issues, body function issues and what finding a new sexual confidence
    • Beyond PIV sex and the many paths of fun and pleasure including toys, tools, and becoming more confident with your hands, mouth, and mind.

Join us for a Q&A with Erica Leroye, M.Ed. Certified Family Life Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Compassionate and Fun Sex Educator for Adult Experiential Learners.

The LIVE Q&A is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 at 6pm. To Register, click HERE.
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