PSA Blood Test: The Key To Prevent Prostate Cancer


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The most common tumor marker we have found to date is “prostate-specific antigen.” The PSA blood test is a revolutionary step in the early detection and prevention of prostate cancer. This single test leads to the early detection and prevention of prostate cancer in hundreds and thousands of men around the globe. The PSA test has significantly reduced the count of men who developed advanced prostate cancer. When a PSA blood test is performed with a digital rectal exam, the most accurate findings of prostate cancer in a man can be revealed. Even the PSA test alone has enormous ability to screen cancer at the earliest, even before they are felt on the exam(1).


1. Nordström T, Akre O, Aly M, Grönberg H, Eklund M. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) density in the diagnostic algorithm of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer and prostatic diseases. 2018;21(1):57-63.