Prostate Cancer: What to Expect After Treatment

Prostate Cancer What to Expect After Treatment

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Fortunately, most of the time treatment for prostate cancer either removes or destroys cancer. What one might feel post-treatment can vary. It is very difficult for men to navigate prostate cancer, it takes a physical and emotional toll. Hence why it is such a complex issue, some might feel relief once their treatment is complete. However, others might remain stressed, even worried the cancer might return or begin growing again.

These feelings are very common and normal for cancer survivors. Know that you are not alone.

In some unfortunate cases, cancer may come back. It could, for instance, spread to other parts of the body or continue to grow back. Men with prostate cancer cases like these may have to undergo hormone treatment or different therapies to manage the cancer and keep it under control. Learning to live with returning cancer can be incredibly stressful.

Care Post-Treatment

Although completing one’s prostate cancer treatment is a huge step, the journey doesn’t end here. Doctor’s need to stay in touch with their patients, watching and monitoring them closely. Moreover, going to follow-up appointments is crucial.

It’s in these appointments that doctors can do their best to help you with any problems you might be facing post-treatment. They will ask you questions about your experience and continue to perform examinations to monitor your progress. For example, lab tests or even imaging tests. They usually use these to ascertain whether there are still any signs of cancer and/or to monitor any side effects from the treatment.

In addition, follow-up appointments are also a great opportunity for patients to ask their doctors any questions they might have. Any doubts or changes they might be going through, problems they are facing and any other concerns. The same as they would during sessions before and during their initial treatment.

Above all, it’s absolutely crucial that prostate cancer survivors keep their doctors informed. Mainly anything concerning new symptoms or problems they might have. These might be signs of cancer returning, new diseases or cancer developing somewhere else.

Connecting with other prostate cancer survivors

Check our resources section for further information. Where you can also find inspiration from success and survival stories, or we can help you connect with a prostate cancer survivor.

Or if you are interested in joining any support groups check out one of our earlier posts. Here we discuss the benefits of prostate cancer support groups and finding the right one for you.

If you have any questions, or just want to talk, call us at our toll-free hotline: 1(833)HEAL-MEN. You are not alone in this journey. We are here to help guide and support you through it, every step of the way.