Prostate Cancer Survivors and the Road Ahead

Prostate Cancer Survivors and the Road Ahead

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Although prostate cancer treatment is very effective today, it’s important to acknowledge the stress prostate cancer survivors endure. Yes, treating prostate cancer usually completely eliminates or extracts the cancer. However, the process itself can be incredibly stressful for patients, and at times this stress doesn’t end with successful treatment. The process of healing has various stages and can vary tremendously from one individual to another.

It’s quite common, for example, for cancer patients to experience intense worry concerning their cancer returning. Managing these feelings can be difficult since for some men cancer can return to other parts of the body.

In honor of these brave survivors, we will be covering some things men can do post-treatment to alleviate some of the difficulties that living with cancer can bring.

What prostate cancer survivors need to keep doing

There are various things that are important for prostate cancer survivors to keep up. The first among them is follow-up care. Once a patient has completed their treatment it is important that they remain in close contact with their doctor.

Doctors will want to have follow-up appointments with their patients so as to monitor them and their healing closely. These appointments will cover a number of bases:

  • Questions for patients concerning any issues or complications they may be facing
  • Examinations
  • Imaging tests
  • Lab tests

The purpose of these tests is for doctors to monitor for any signs of returning cancer. They may also be looking for any side effects treatment could have incurred.

Another reason follow-up tests and appointments are important is the aforementioned secondary effects of treatment can go on for extended periods of time. In fact, some of them may not even appear until some time later. Hence why it’s important for prostate cancer survivors to remain in close contact with their doctors.

Make sure you let your doctor know of any issues that may have arisen since your treatment. They will always be willing to help you come to a solution suitable for you.

What materials can doctors provide to help survivors?

There are various things doctors provide their patients to help post-cancer treatment. First, they would usually provide a rundown of the treatment they’ve provided for a given patient. After that, they’ll usually schedule exams and tests with their patient for the reasons mentioned above.

Proceeding these they’ll compile a listing of potential side effects that may affect patients. This includes side effects that may manifest later on and things to specifically watch out for.

Additionally, doctors usually provide patients with information concerning how to engage in a healthier lifestyle, which can help prevent cancer from returning. For example, doing regular exercise, quitting smoking, and transitioning to a more balanced diet with foods that have anti-carcinogenic properties. They may even suggest certain supplements to help in this regard too.

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