Updated 04/12/2022

Man Cave Health: Changing the Landscape of Men’s Health, Focused on breaking the silence surrounding men’s health topics, Man Cave Health aims to establish sports themed environments in waiting rooms across the country, offering free cancer screening, health fairs and bi-monthly virtual support groups.

For Immediate Release: Estimates suggest that there are approximately 3.7 billion men in the world, and according to research, on average they will die almost 5 years earlier than women. This is because men are less likely to seek preventive care when it comes to their own selves. Man Cave Health is a non-profit charitable organization committed to changing these statistics, by changing the landscape of men’s health.

The organization is driven by the motto, “men take better care of their cars than they do their bodies.” By establishing facilities across the country, Man Cave Health seeks to break the silence surrounding sensitive health topics for men.

According to the spokesperson of Man Cave Health, “We are driven by the primary objective of raising awareness nationwide for prostate cancer.” He further adds, “Man Cave Health’s mission is to raise funds to construct, equip, staff and operate Man Cave facilities in cities across the country.” The first of these facilities has already been established.

The first Man Cave sports themed waiting room can be found in the department of Urology at Mt Sinai in NYC. According to a spokesperson at the organization, the motivation behind creating this type of environment is to help men feel more comfortable when seeing a doctor.  “Getting men to see a doctor is the hard part, so we look to help ease the process with this style of waiting room,” adds the spokesperson.

Man Cave Health is currently seeking donations to help fund their Free PSA Screening programs and to build other Man Caves all across the United States. By facilitating early detection through their PSA screening programs, the organization ultimately aims to save men and help them live long and fulfilling lives.

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