New Research on the Origin of Prostate Cancer


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In order to fight cancer or even prevent it we need to understand it, uncovering the origin of prostate cancer is crucial to its treatment. New research is bringing us closer to uncovering these secrets than ever before.

As we discussed in our previous post concerning how prostate cancer develops, we now know that even the conditions of normal cells have a deep impact on the development of prostate cancer.

In today’s article, we’ll be diving into this new research a little more.

‘Normal’ cells and their relation to the origin of prostate cancer

New research has revealed that normal cells in men who develop prostate cancer differ from those who don’t. Essentially, men who develop prostate cancer have ‘healthy’ cells that become primed to change. These cells are present throughout the whole prostate.

Fortunately, these new findings may help to identify these cases in men sooner. Making it easier to catch their prostate cancer earlier and formulate new treatments for them. In fact, scientists may soon be able to develop treatments to prevent the disease altogether.

Additionally, new research has revealed that when it comes to men that have already had prostate cancer it’s important to approach their treatment differently. That is to say since even their healthy cells are at risk, it is important to treat their whole prostate. Instead of treating only the cancerous areas. As doctors do traditionally.

Changes in DNA form breeding grounds for cancer

We know that corruption in a cell’s DNA often leads to the development of cancer. For instance, if something damages the DNA, or if something goes wrong with cell replication.

If this happens, cells can become cancerous and multiply chaotically and out of control, growing and spreading incessently. That is in summary how cancer develops.

Researchers in their latest discovery performed a study comparing the DNA of healthy cells from two different types of subjects. From those who had prostate cancer before and those who hadn’t. And they did indeed find some differences in their ‘normal’ prostate cells.

Their research revealed that men’s normal cells who had contracted prostate cancer before showed mutations in their DNA. These mutations were higher in number among the men who had prostate cancer before. The environment these cells created was more conducive for cancer cells to grow.

What leads to these changes in normal cells, however, scientists have yet to find out. It is very promising though since these insights have already informed treatment. In that, we ought to approach treatment more wholistically in men who have had prostate cancer before, than those who haven’t. Looking at the prostate as a whole.

The future remains hopeful, since these clues may one day even help to prevent prostate cancer altogether.

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