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Unveiling a More Precise Future of Prostate Cancer Care: Unveiling UNFOLD AI by Avenda Health

Prostate cancer is a common concern for men, and navigating diagnosis and treatment options can be overwhelming. But what if there was a tool that could provide a clearer picture of what’s going on? Avenda Health’s UNFOLD AI is revolutionizing prostate cancer management with the power of artificial intelligence. This innovative platform analyzes a patient’s specific data, including MRI scans,

Drinking Coffee: Does it Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

According to various studies drinking coffee can significantly reduce the chances of men developing prostate cancer. Besides caffeine, coffee contains a variety of molecules which are biologically active and can be beneficial to their consumer. For instance, coffee contains molecules that have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as, antioxidants. Additionally, it can affect hormone levels and even alter your metabolism. Research

Hormone Therapy Effectiveness and Alternative Treatments

It is quite common for doctors to use hormone therapy to treat prostate cancer. They usually resort to this treatment if cancer spreads to other regions of the body. It can be very effective indeed, however, there are cases in which patients become resistant to the therapy. The disease may spread and grow more aggressively because of said resistance. Which

New Man Cave Opening July 2022 in California

NEW MAN CAVE INCOMING! Discover the new Man Cave. July 2022. Watch 3D Video Walkthrough We are delighted to announce that a new Man Cave will be opening July 2022 in Newport, CA, alongside the Urology Department from the University of California Irvine. With this new development, the Department of Urology at the University of California Irvine has partnered with

Milana Family Foundation’s 5th Annual Golf Outing

September 8th was full of sunshine and laughs as the Milana Family Foundation hosted its 5th Annual Golf Outing benefiting Man Cave Health. After registration, guests enjoyed a delicious brunch at Fresh Meadow Country Club along with a Bloody Mary bar courtesy of Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix. Once they were checked-in, guests lined up for a custom shirt outfitting

Managing Treatment for Patients with Prostate Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic by CancerNetwork

A group of radiation oncologists from the United States and United Kingdom developed a framework to assist in the decision-making process in regard to radiation treatment for patients with prostate cancer during the global COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study pre-printed in Advances in Radiation Oncology. The framework, deemed the “RADS framework,” stands for “Remote visits, and Avoidance, Deferment, and Shortening