Cryotherapy: An Alternative to Prostate Cancer Surgery

People often refer to cryotherapy as cryosurgery, however, the procedure itself is not actually a form of surgery. In fact, the way it functions is by freezing the prostate to destroy cancer cells. In most cases, doctors resort to cryotherapy if radiation therapy has failed to stop cancer. Other situations doctors may opt for cryotherapy instead of traditional surgery, would

Prostate Cancer Survivors and the Road Ahead

Although prostate cancer treatment is very effective today, it’s important to acknowledge the stress prostate cancer survivors endure. Yes, treating prostate cancer usually completely eliminates or extracts the cancer. However, the process itself can be incredibly stressful for patients, and at times this stress doesn’t end with successful treatment. The process of healing has various stages and can vary tremendously

AI Algorithms and Prostate Cancer Treatment

The rise of AI algorithms and technology is having an impact on all aspects of society. Tech leaders expect it to grow in that regard swiftly and at an exponential rate. Medical researchers have also begun applying relevant AI-assisted work and technology to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Advances in AI algorithms show promising new ways to identify, diagnose and treat

New Research on the Origin of Prostate Cancer

In order to fight cancer or even prevent it we need to understand it, uncovering the origin of prostate cancer is crucial to its treatment. New research is bringing us closer to uncovering these secrets than ever before. As we discussed in our previous post concerning how prostate cancer develops, we now know that even the conditions of normal cells

Symptoms That May Signify Prostate Cancer

In today’s article, we will be examining certain symptoms that may indicate the presence of prostate cancer. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, prostate cancer, second only to skin cancer, is the most common cancer among men in the US. We know research has shown that the earlier we catch the disease the better. Therefore, it is important to be

Drinking Coffee: Does it Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

According to various studies drinking coffee can significantly reduce the chances of men developing prostate cancer. Besides caffeine, coffee contains a variety of molecules which are biologically active and can be beneficial to their consumer. For instance, coffee contains molecules that have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as, antioxidants. Additionally, it can affect hormone levels and even alter your metabolism. Research

Hormone Therapy Effectiveness and Alternative Treatments

It is quite common for doctors to use hormone therapy to treat prostate cancer. They usually resort to this treatment if cancer spreads to other regions of the body. It can be very effective indeed, however, there are cases in which patients become resistant to the therapy. The disease may spread and grow more aggressively because of said resistance. Which

Combining Therapies for Prostate Cancer

There are many approaches to tackling prostate cancer, and one very effective method is combining therapies. The approach and treatment depend a lot on an individual patient’s condition and what stage they are at. However, combining therapies has proven to be very effective. There are two types of therapy, in particular, that combined have shown great success in clinical trials.

New Research on How Prostate Cancer Develops

New research in the UK has revealed new information on how prostate cancer may begin developing in men. Scientists underwent this study at the UK’s University of East Anglia. Molecular Oncology published the study here. Essentially, the study has shown that prostates in men with prostate cancer and without it differ in more than just the presence of cancer cells.