Should I Get Screened for Prostate Cancer?

This depends a lot on your individual situation. If you happen to fall under a certain demographic of men you might be at risk of developing prostate cancer. In this case, it is very important for you to get a prostate cancer screening. The US Preventative Service Task Force (or USPSTF) has made some specific recommendations. These can serve as

What Types of Treatment are There for Prostate Cancer?

Fortunately, prostate cancer survival rates are high at 98%, even taking advanced cases into account at Stage 4. This is in large part due to the fact that today there are various options for treatment that are very effective. Treatment for prostate cancer can differ, of course, depending on individual circumstances. However, in a lot of cases treatment isn’t even

Current Prostate Cancer Survival Rates

Currently, prostate cancer survival rates are doing very well. Within a five-year time frame, there is a survival rate of 98%. This number has continually improved throughout the years as technology and research have improved. Survival rate statistics can give us an approximate estimate concerning what percentage of people with the same type and stage of cancer are still alive

The Stages of Prostate Cancer

Here at Man Cave Health, we dedicate ourselves to normalizing the conversation around prostate cancer and men’s health. In the interest of continuing toward this objective, we will be discussing the different stages of prostate cancer. When a doctor provides a diagnosis of prostate cancer, their next objective is to find out if cancer has spread. If it has, then

The Importance of Prostate Cancer Screenings

We have talked about how important it is to communicate about prostate health, prostate cancer, and men’s health generally. That is because silence and stigma around these issues can result in men feeling uncomfortable about these subjects. Therefore, leading to them letting prostate issues go unchecked. Many men feel uncomfortable going to the doctor for prostate screenings or even discussing

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

In the interest of normalizing the conversation around prostate health, we will be delineating common prostate cancer symptoms. Although prostate cancer does not usually cause these symptoms until it is more advanced, there are some common ones to look out for: Needing to urinate more often than usual, more commonly at night Having to rush to the toilet Finding it

Prostate Cancer and Male Identity

As we talked about in our previous post, prostate cancer is a serious condition that affects 1 in 8 men in America. In fact, at some point in their lives, most men will suffer from some kind of problem with their prostate. Therefore we must outline how important it is to talk about this subject. How important it is to

Talking About Prostate Cancer

Unfortunately, prostate cancer is a very common condition. In fact, 1 in 8 men may develop prostate cancer at some point in their life. It’s actually the 2nd highest cause of death among men in the US. Which is a rather shocking statistic. Cancer is a very difficult battle as it is. However, one of the other greatest challenges that