Prostate Cancer and Male Identity

As we talked about in our previous post, prostate cancer is a serious condition that affects 1 in 8 men in America. In fact, at some point in their lives, most men will suffer from some kind of problem with their prostate. Therefore we must outline how important it is to talk about this subject. How important it is to

Talking About Prostate Cancer

Unfortunately, prostate cancer is a very common condition. In fact, 1 in 8 men may develop prostate cancer at some point in their life. It’s actually the 2nd highest cause of death among men in the US. Which is a rather shocking statistic. Cancer is a very difficult battle as it is. However, one of the other greatest challenges that

Detecting Prostate Cancer Early

In recent years there has been a much higher cancer survival rate, and this goes for prostate cancer too. This is in large part due to earlier diagnosis and detection. Detecting prostate cancer early can have a very significant impact increasing the chances for a successful recovery. One of the most important factors in achieving early detection is frequent screening

Common Prostate Problems

Last week, we focused on the basics of prostate function. Keeping in mind our objective, continuing to break the silence and stigma around men’s health. Prostate health in particular. Today we move on to discuss the most common prostate-related problems. One thing is clear, most men at some point in their lives experience some kind of prostate problem. It is

Breaking Silence Around Men’s Health – Prostate Function

There are aspects of men’s health that can be rather sensitive and difficult to discuss. In fact, they are often not even talked about or acknowledged. Prostate cancer is chief among these health concerns. Here at Man Cave Health, we aim to change this. Break the silence and stigma surrounding this subject. In the interest of normalizing the conversation around

New Man Cave Opening July 2022 in California

NEW MAN CAVE INCOMING! Discover the new Man Cave. July 2022. Watch 3D Video Walkthrough We are delighted to announce that a new Man Cave will be opening July 2022 in Newport, CA, alongside the Urology Department from the University of California Irvine. With this new development, the Department of Urology at the University of California Irvine has partnered with

Brian Custer and The Last Stand Podcast interviews Boxer Roy Jones JR

ROY JONES JR…talks his career, big fights & possible comeback at cruiserweight For the Full Video of the Roy Jones JR Interview on The Last Stand Podcast Hosted By Brian Custer: For Donations:Text the code TheLastStand to 44321*Standard text rates may apply.orVisit: Make your contribution today to Man Cave Health and help us provide free PSA tests, cancer screenings,