Day: July 19, 2022

What Options are Available for High PSA Levels Post-Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Continuing on from last week, we are discussing options for post-prostate cancer treatment when PSA levels remain high or increase. In the case, that following surgery your PSA levels are 0.2ng/mL or higher, or following radiation therapy 2ng/mL or higher, it’s important to consider options. These could be signs of prostate cancer returning or having spread to another part of

PSA Levels Rising After Treatment, What You Need to Know

We have talked about how rising PSA levels can be an indicator of developing prostate cancer. These levels, however, usually go down after treatment, because prostate cancer in the majority of cases is treatable. Furthermore, it doesn’t usually return either. Unfortunately, there are some cases where cancer can become recurring even after initial treatment. In fact, this can happen to