Our Mission

Focused on breaking the silence surrounding sensitive health topics for men, Man Cave Health’s mission is to raise funds to construct, equip, staff and operate Man Cave facilities in cities across the country, offer free health fairs, and free cancer screening events throughout the year. Our mission provides both an opportunity for resources and refuge for men to get the latest in education, diagnosis and treatment. Through fundraising and support, Man Cave Health is committed to changing the landscape of men’s health.

Raising awareness nationwide for prostate cancer

About Man Cave Health

Driven by the notion that “men take better care of their cars than they do their bodies”, Man Cave Health is breaking the silence surrounding sensitive health topics for men. There are approximately 3.7 billion men in the world, and they will die on average, almost five years earlier than women because they are less likely to seek preventive care for themselves. Nearly 81% of men remember the make & model of their first car, but barely half remember their last doctor visit. Man Cave Health is committed to changing these statistics, and that means changing the landscape of men’s health.

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A Revolutionary Approach

The Man Cave is a unique patient care model that’s needed now more than ever.  Combining educational resources, emotional support and the latest in medical technology, Man Cave Health is creating sports-themed facilities where men can feel at ease, complete with a team of friends, medical professionals, educators and advocates ready to help them take control of their healthcare journey.  We are making it more comfortable for men to go to the doctor by replacing the traditional, clinical setting with a more masculine décor which includes memorabilia from local sports teams, flat-screened televisions, leather seating and coffee bars.

It’s often said that women are the Chief Medical Officers in the home, and we are working to change that dynamic.  To that point, shortly after opening our first location in NYC, we received a call to our toll-free hotline from a woman who had seen our grand opening on CBS Evening News.  She was so excited about Man Cave Health, and told us that her husband had not been to the doctor in years, but having seen the segment about the Man Cave, was ready to schedule a complete physical.

“If we can convince even a small percentage of the male population to go to the doctor more regularly, get their PSA tested annually, know their numbers – then we’ve hit a home run.  If more men talk about their health concerns, then more men will follow through with annual tests such as the PSA, and more men will live longer.”  –  – Man Cave Health Founder and Chairman, Thomas Milana, Jr.

The Man Cave will take this approach to a whole new level.


Prostate Cancer Research Gala

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Why Donate To Man Cave Health?

We are focused on raising awareness for under-priveledged men to be able to get PSA tests and help increase the number of cases of early detection of Prostate Cancer. We work hard and collaborate with key industry players to organize events, fundraisers, workshops and pop up shops to raise awareness, share resources, educate and raise funds to keep expanding our reach.

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Explore our new members area where you will find a wide range of resources related to prostate cancer, men’s health, how to live a healthier life and how to deal with your journey if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.


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