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4th Annual Golf Outing

June 10, 2019

About Man Cave Health

We must begin the dialogue about prostate cancer if we are ever to defeat it. If more men talk, more will get tested, and more will survive. In this country, 27,000 men will die, unnecessarily, from the disease this year alone.

It’s time to change that statistic.

A Revolutionary Approach to Saving Lives from Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is something no man should go through alone and at Man Cave Health, we’ve made it our mission to make sure no one does.

In partnership with the Department of Urology at the Mount Sinai Health System, the Man Cave is a unique patient care model that’s needed now more than ever.

Combining educational resources, emotional support and the latest in prostate cancer early diagnosis and treatment, the sports-themed facility will be a place a man can feel at ease, complete with a team of friends, medical professionals, educators and advocates ready to help him tackle this disease . . . and beat it.

Education, Advocacy and Emotional Support

If caught early, we know that prostate cancer is curable. Join us in getting out the message and in getting our fathers, friends, husbands and sons tested. Man Cave Health is working to save lives and preserve the quality of men’s lives by promoting the importance of identifying prostate cancer at its earliest stages and, with our healthcare partners and professionals, providing baseline PSA testing and consultation. We are committed to supporting men, their families and communities as they manage their health and wellness.

State-of-the-Art Diagnosis and Treatment

The Man Cave will give men access to all the resources of New York’s Mount Sinai Health Center, recognized by U.S. News & World Report as having one of the nation’s finest urology programs.

Under the leadership of Ashutosh (Ash) K. Tewari, MD, one of the top prostate cancer surgeons in the world, Mount Sinai Department of Urology is transforming prostate cancer treatment and expanding the scope of knowledge about the causes of and solutions for the disease. With scientists conducting pivotal research initiatives that inform diagnosis and treatment, the Department of Urology provides advanced, comprehensive and compassionate care with a holistic approach that treats the entire person, not just the disease.

The Man Cave will take that approach to a whole new level.

“Men take better care of their cars
than they do their bodies.”

Ashutosh (Ash) K. Tewari, MD, is chairman of the Milton and Carroll Petrie department of urology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. A world-renowned urologist and prostate cancer specialist, he leads a multidisciplinary team committed to improving prostate cancer treatment, research and education. To date, he has performed over 5,000 robotic radical prostatectomy surgeries. His case series is one of the largest in the world and his outcomes are considered the gold standard for this procedure. The Tewari Lab is working on unlocking the genomic causes of prostate cancer and translating genomic information to practical physician application through imaging. In 2012, he was awarded the American Urological Association’s Gold Cystoscope Award, which is given annually to the urologist who has contributed significantly to the field within 10 years of completing residency.

Breaking the Silence Begins with You

Our goal: To raise $5 million to construct, equip, staff and begin operating our first Man Cave at the Mount Sinai Health System. Both an opportunity for resources and refuge, this unique care model will be a place for men to get the latest in education, diagnosis and treatment – if necessary – for their prostate cancer and provide a much-needed opportunity to talk to other men about it.